A Deeper Dive

Join us for an ongoing behind-the-scenes look at VIMS and discover how we translate our research into practical solutions for our waters, communities, and economy.

Featured Episode: About Sea Level Rise

VIMS scientists seek to better understand the impact of global change at a local and regional level so that we can help coastal communities become more resilient. When we took a Deeper Dive on saving shorelines, VIMS scientist Molly Mitchell gave a great explanation of sea level rise, one aspect of global change. In this Deeper Dive, learn why Virginia is so at risk.

Additional Information
  • Learn more about the work that VIMS' Center for Coastal Resources Management does in the fields of climate change and coastal resiliency.
  • Check out VIMS' Sea-Level Report Cards, monitoring and forecasting sea levels at 32 locations along the U.S. coastline from Maine to Alaska.
  • Read how Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's executive order in October 2018 leverages VIMS' long-term monitoring programs and expertise in flood forecasting to help make the Commonwealth more resilient to sea-level rise.

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