The National Working Waterfront Network (NWWN) is a nationwide network of businesses, industry associations, nonprofits, local governments and communities, state and federal agencies, universities, Sea Grant programs, and individuals dedicated to supporting, preserving, and enhancing our nation’s working waterfronts and waterways. Participation in the NWWN is open to all individuals and organizations involved in working waterfront issues at the federal, state, and local level. Our mission is to increase the capacity of coastal communities and stakeholders to make informed decisions, balance diverse uses, ensure access, and plan for the future of their working waterfronts and waterways.

The NWWN is a community of practice, that is, a forum for people who share an interest in working waterfronts and are engaged in supporting the continued economic, cultural and recreational contributions they provide for communities, regions, and the nation. As a community of practice, the NWWN considers all participants as members with opportunities to interact, share experiences, and advance knowledge, thereby increasing general awareness and enabling more informed decision making on all matters that impact the future of working waterfronts.

NWWN Executive Committee:

Kristin Uiterwyk, Chair, Urban Harbors Institute
Ashley Bennis, Vice Chair, Half Associates, Inc.
Brandon Uckele, Treasurer, Michigan Sea Grant
Mark Breederland, Symposium Chair, Michigan Sea Grant
Nicole Faghin, Retired
Kenneth Walker, Coastal Zone Management Liaison, NOAA Office for Coastal  Management
Laura Casali, West Coast Representative
Sydney Fishman, West Coast Representative, Washington Sea Grant
Kristen Grant, Maine Representative, Maine Sea Grant
Natalie Springuel, Maine Representative (alternate), Maine Sea Grant
Mike Friis, Great Lakes Representative, State of Wisconsin Coastal Management Program

NWWN Web Host

Lisa Ayers Lawrence, Virginia Institute of Marine Science, Virginia Sea Grant