Boat Sewage Pumpout Grants

Boat Sewage Pumpout Grants

Program Name: Boat Sewage Pumpout Grants

Resource Type: State

State: Texas, Gulf of Mexico

Agency: Program Source: Grant

Description: Federal funds through the Clean Vessel Act of 1992 allow private marinas and local governments to receive grants to install boat sewage pumpout stations in Texas. Pumpout Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis and can constitute up to 75% of all approved project costs. These grants provide funds for the construction and/or renovation, operation, and maintenance of pumpout and portable toilet dump stations. Priority consideration will be given to applications which provide pumpout facilities under federally approved state master plans. Proposals offering the greatest benefit to the intended waters and the general public will also take precedence. All recreational vessels must have equal access to pumpout stations funded under the Clean Vessel Act. These stations will be marked on all nautical charts. A maximum fee of $5.00 may be charged by operators to cover use and maintenance costs.