Conservation Clinic, Waterways and Waterfronts

Conservation Clinic, Waterways and Waterfronts

Program Name: Conservation Clinic, Waterways and Waterfronts

Resource Type: State

State: Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Southeast

Agency: Program Source: Repository

Description: Planning for the management of waterways and for the protection of working waterfronts have become major policy initiatives in the state of Florida. The Florida legislature has passed important legislation requiring local governments to address these issues in their comprehensive plans, the basic instrument that regulates growth in Florida. Prepared by students and faculty affiliated with the Conservation Clinic at the University of Florida and Florida Sea Grant, this website addresses the legal and policy issues facing Florida waterways and waterfronts and offers a variety of tools for state and local entities to consider in planning for the sustainable management of Florida’s waterways and the preservation of its working waterfronts.