Finance Methods


Internet Searches
Information was compiled primarily by using Google internet searches using key terms and phrases.  Commonly used terms and phrases included:  Working Waterfront Programs, Working Waterfront Loan fund, Financing Tools, Grants, Grant and Loan Guide, Coastal Program, Department of Conservation, Department of Marine Resources, Division of Marine Fisheries, Tax Incentives, Loan Programs, Loan Guarantee Programs, Dedicated Revenue, Subsidies, Information Repositories, Preservation Programs and Technical Assistance.

Reports, Studies and Local Experts
Many reports and studies were reviewed and analyzed nationwide to hone in on the funding sources for working waterfront and waterway projects.  After the information was compiled in draft form, local experts (both state and federal) whose work centers on working waterfront and waterway issues were contacted (via email and phone) to provide opinions of the inclusiveness and factual accuracy of the material.   Despite these precautions the authors admit that the findings may have some incompleteness or inconsistencies that their work did not reveal.

All funding sources were assembled into one master table that feeds a searchable database and is made available to end users via the National Working Waterfront Network.