Florida Main Street

Florida Main Street

Program Name: Florida Main Street

Resource Type: State

State: Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Southeast

Agency: Program Source: Technical/Planning Assistance

Description: In the past, the word brought to mind an image of bustling centers of commerce and activity. Too often today, the image is of vacant, deteriorating buildings. Now cities are discovering that with help from Florida Main Street, downtown can thrive again. The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 mandates that every State Historic Preservation Office provide technical assistance to local governments, organizations and individuals. The Main Street Program is one of the most important methods by which this agency meets this requirement. This mandate is also reflected in Chapter 267 of the Florida Statutes. The Florida Historical Resources Act specifically mentions the Main Street Program as a method for the Division of Historical Resources to provide technical assistance. Although not a grant program, it can offer technical assistance and includes waterfront areas.

Website: http://www.flheritage.com/preservation/mainstreet/index.cfm