Washington Department of Commerce

Washington Department of Commerce

Program Name: Washington Department of Commerce

Resource Type: State

State: Washington, Pacific Coast

Agency: Program Source: Economic Development Entity

Description: Our Vision: Make Washington the most attractive, creative and fertile investment environment for innovation in the world as a means of achieving long-term global competitiveness, prosperity and economic opportunity for the state’s citizens. We are the lead state agency charged with enhancing and promoting sustainable community and economic vitality in Washington. We administer a diverse portfolio of more than 100 programs and several state boards and commissions, all focused on achieving one clear and simple mission: to grow and improve jobs in Washington. Our key customers include businesses, local governments and community-based organizations. We also play the crucial role of convening numerous local, state, regional and federal partners and stakeholders, public and private. Together we work to support the Governor’s priorities and achieve shared goals and objectives for the citizens of Washington.

Website: http://www.commerce.wa.gov/