Waterfront Access and Marine Industry Fund

Program Name: Waterfront Access and Marine Industry Fund

Resource Type: State

State: North Carolina, Mid-Atlantic

Agency: Program Source: Grant

Description: The Waterfront Access and Marine Industry (WAMI) Fund was created to acquire waterfront properties or develop facilities to provide, improve or develop public and commercial waterfront access. The N.C. General Assembly approved the $20 million fund in 2007 in response to recommendations from the Waterfront Access Study Committee. The study committee reported to the Joint Legislative Commission on Seafood and Aquaculture that rapid development along the coast has brought higher property values and taxes that have resulted in the loss of traditional maritime industries and public access. The General Assembly felt state intervention was needed to ensure existing and future waterfront-dependent uses and continued access to the state’s public trust waters.

Website: www.onencnaturally.org/pages/Waterfront_Access.htm