Webinar on Significance of Commercial Fishing Infrastructure

Webinar on Significance of Commercial Fishing Infrastructure

Commercial fishing communities around the country face similar issues with private and public infrastructure such as lack of waterfront access, affordable docks, and proper equipment. In November, the NWWN coordinated Part I of a webinar series to address and understand the infrastructure needs of commercial fishing communities around the country. 

Panelists from three different states discussed recent and upcoming commercial fishing infrastructure inventories from Maine, Massachusetts, and Louisiana:

  • Dr. Rex Caffey, Professor, Louisiana State  University
  • Jessica Gribbon Joyce, Principal, Today Bay Consulting (in partnership with Maine Coast Fishermen’s Association)
  • Story Reed, Assistant Director, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

The webinar highlighted the importance of conducting infrastructure inventory assessments and how they can be used for future investments and to document the impacts of coastal storms. Part II will be held in 2023. 

A recording of the webinar, which took place on Thursday November 17th, is available here.