Wholesale Dealer Grant Recovery Program

Wholesale Dealer Grant Recovery Program

Program Name: Wholesale Dealer Grant Recovery Program

Resource Type: State

State: Louisiana, Gulf of Mexico

Agency: Program Source: Grant

Description: The Louisiana Wholesale-Retail Dealer Grant Program (WDG) is designed to provide grants to wholesale-retail dealer impacted by the storms that have shown a commitment to remain in the fishery and can prove losses based on the programs design. Funds can be used by eligible wholesale-retail dealers to assist with paying down storm related uninsured and non-covered losses. Funds can be used to reduce payments of storm related fishery losses that are currently being financed at higher interest rates. Funds can be used to repair or replace gear and/ or for other eligible items that were lost or damaged during the 2008 storms. These funds will allow these firms to maintain employment and or return and or hire employees. The State will capture information on these firms at closing.

Website: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/wholesale-dealer-grant-recovery-pro