Speaker Information

Speaker Information

Concurrent Sessions

All concurrent sessions will be 90 minutes in length (concurrent session B with all individual presentations will run an extra 10 minutes). Each room will have a microphone, projector, and laptop. If you require a specific setup for your presentation, please let us know. Moderators will be tasked with keeping their session on time and student volunteers will be in each room to help with any tech issues and take notes.

Individual Oral, Panel and Roundtable Session Presenters are asked to prepare their presentation with the following information in mind.

Individual oral presentations will receive 20 minutes each which includes a brief, one minute introduction by the moderator. Thus, plan on 15 minutes for the actual presentation and four minutes for questions. It may be that you will not meet your moderator in advance. If so, plan to arrive a few minutes prior to the published start time and introduce yourself.

Panel and Roundtable discussions will have 90 minutes each which includes a brief introduction by the moderator. If you are in need of a moderator for your session, please reach out to NWWN2022@gmail.com.

Tentative Agenda

Note your session schedule as well as the other presenters in your session. All speakers should plan on being present in their session for its entirety. If any information on the agenda is incorrect, please send revisions to NWWN2022@gmail.com.

Speaker Cancellation

In the event an unavoidable situation arises that would prevent you from honoring your commitment, we trust that you will alert us immediately. If possible, we ask that you use diligent efforts to help locate and suggest a qualified substitute thereby preventing the program from being compromised.

Speaker Presentations

For those making presentations, we are requiring all be made with PowerPoint. If there are any concerns with this, please email.

  • Presenters must email their presentation by July 15th to NWWN2022@gmail.com. If you would like to, you can bring a copy of your presentation on a USB as a back-up.
  • Please let us know if your presentation will have any sound or videos or require Internet access.
  • Your presentation will be uploaded in advance of your session to facilitate a smooth transition from one speaker to the next.
  • Please check in with registration upon your arrival to view the presentation.
  • Please check the following on your PowerPoint file: Disable any automatic advance timer. Embed graphs or figures into the document as independent objects (do not dynamically link from other programs). Compress photos to prevent slow loading and slide advancement delays during the presentation.

We strongly encourage you to use the laptop offered by the symposium to avoid equipment compatibility challenges. If you absolutely must use your own laptop, contact NWWN2022@gmail.com immediately. You will need to bring all cables and test your laptop 24-hours prior to your session to avoid disruption to the session.

Poster Information

Poster Session

The poster session will take place on the third day of the conference, Thursday, July 21st from 12:30 PM to 1:40 PM in the Campus Center ballrom on the 3rd floor. We require that all posters be set up prior to the session.

Poster Set-Up

An easel will be provided for each poster. If you need access to electricity please email NWWN2022@gmail.com and we will do our best to accommodate. You are required to print your poster ahead of the conference. The easels can accomodate a standard poster size of 3′ by 4′.

You may set up your poster any day of the conference beginning on Tuesday July 19th, 2022 during morning refreshments (mainly 7:45 – 8:45 AM each day) and/or lunch time.

Disassembling Posters

Poster’s need to be taken down at the end of the conference, specifically by 4:30 PM on Thursday July 21st.

For any questions or concerns regarding poster set-up and the session please reach out to NWWN2022@gmail.com