Working Waterfront Glossary



Gloucester, Massachusetts

Outreach and Education as Tools to Address Working Waterfront Issues in Maine

Portland, Maine: Balancing Maritime Uses and Waterfront Diversification Through Municipal Zoning

Ocean Special Area Management Ecosystem Based Strategies in Rhode Island


Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance, New York-New Jersey Harbor

Enabling Legislation in Virginia Establishes The Middle Penninsula Chesapeake Bay Public Access Authority 

York River/Gloucester County, VA: Balancing Conflicting Uses Through Stakeholder Engagement


Stan Mayfield Working Waterfronts Florida Forever Grant Program

Waterfronts Florida Program

Mayport Village Using Navigation to Protect a Historic Florida Village from a Proposed Cruise Ship Terminal

Port of the Miami River Water Dependent Land Use Litigation

North Carolina Water Access Study Committee Yields Major Results in Water Access Protection

Economic Analysis of Sea Level Rise Impacts of Differing Communities of Georgia’s Coast

High and Dry Boats and Residents in Ponce Inlet: A Waterfront Property  Owner Goes to Court to Enforce Florida’s Growth Management Act and Invalidate a Municipal Referendum Prohibiting a Dry Stack

Collaborative Efforts to Retain Port Salerno’s Diverse Maritime Heritage

Addressing Working Waterfront Access Issues through the Governor’s South Atlantic Alliance, A Regional Ocean Partnership

Gulf Coast

Revitalizing Bayou La Batre’s Working Waterfront for Resilience and Economic Development

Alabama Waterfront Access Study Committee Launches Waterfront Protection Effort

Creating a Waterway Village Overlay Zone to Promote Community Resilience, Improve Public Access and Preserving Waterfront Heritage in Gulf Shores Alabama

Great Lakes

Transforming Marquette, Michigan’s Waterfront with Form-Based Code

A Community Led Endeavor to Preserve Historic Fishtown

Implementing a Sustainability Strategy to Revitalize and Enhance Resiliency of an Urban Great Lakes Waterfront in Toledo, OH

West Coast

Planning for Both Environmental Protection and Economic Development in Trinidad Harbor California

Gig Harbor’s Historic Working Waterfront

Reducing Regulatory Risks for Shellfish Growers in Humboldt Bay

Balancing Fishing Tourism and Research in Newport Oregon

Evolution of a Working Waterfront Case Study of Tacoma, Washington’s Thea Foss Waterway



Identifying the Waterfront Economy in Gloucester

Mapping Working Waterfronts in Maine

Protecting Davis Wharf in Maine

Planning for Working Waterfronts in Portland, Maine


Preserving Public Access in Virginia


Revitalizing Panacea, Florida’s Working Waterfront 

Preserving Waterfront Access in North Carolina


Preserving Maritime History in Fishtown

West Coast

Preserving Gig Harbor’s (Washington) Net Sheds

San Francisco Community Fishing Association



Infrastructure Inventory Assessments as a Tool to Support Resilient Fishing Communities: 11/17/2022

Session 4: Offshore Renewable Energy and Working Waterfronts: The Roles of Research Platforms and Community Engagement: 4/27/2021

NWWN and NOAA webinar on Economic Resources for Working Waterfront Communities: 10/13/2020


Managing Sustainable Fisheries from Wisconsin to Alaska National: 8/30/2022

The Federal Infrastructure Bill and Its Impacts on Working Waterfronts: 9/21/2021

Understanding the Working Waterfronts Contributions’ to the Blue Economy: 5/4/2021

Gearing Up for Offshore Wind Development: An Opportunity for Working Waterfronts: 1/25/2021

Resilient Marinas Make Resilient Working Waterfronts: 10/16/2020

Organizing the Working Waterfront: A Tour of Two Coasts: 7/25/2020

American Shoreline Podcast | Podcast On the Half Shell: Shellfish Growers Face the Pain of Covid-19: 10/4/2020


Coastal Zone Management Resources

For the NWWN’s information page on coastal management, please use the link below.

External Sources

NOAA Office for Coastal Management

Coastal Zone Management Act

Smyth, T.C. (2010). Can coastal management programs protect and promote water-dependent uses? Coastal, Management, 38(6), 666-680

Working Waterfronts and the CZMA: Defining Water-dependent Use

Auburn, Maine Code of Ordinances

Wilmington, North Carolina, Code of Ordinances

Public Trust Doctrine

External Sources

Massachusetts: Public Rights Along the Shoreline Oregon: Public Trust Doctrine

Public Shoreline Access in Maine: A Citizen’s Guide to Ocean and Coastal Law

Visit one or all of the six state “Accessing the Coast” websites (ME, NJ, VA, AL, MS, HI) to develop an understanding of the many ways in which the public trust doctrine affects the rights of landowners, governments, and waterfront users

Land  Use Planning

External Sources

NOAA Coastal and Waterfront Smart Growth

American Planning Association

Smart Growth Network

Institute for Local Government: Understanding the Basics of Land Use and Planning – Guide to Local Planning

Historic Preservation

External Sources

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Register of Historic Places

Tax Policy

External Sources

Community Example: Nassau County, Florida Working Waterfront Classification for Land

Accessing the Maine Coast – Using Tax Policy for Access

Assessing the Efficacy of Massachusetts Laws and Regulations Pertaining to Derelict and Abandoned Fishing Gear Removal through Analyzing Other Coastal States’ Programs


Recommended resources

Waterfront Master Plans

Harbor Management Plans

Implementation Resources

Digital Coast

NOAA Coastal County Snapshots

Coastal Flood Exposure Map

NOAA  Sea Level Rise

NOAA Great Lakes Viewer

Economic training tool: ENOW Explorer

Economic training tool: Estimating the Local Marine Economy

Ocean Reports Tool

Nature-Based Infrastructure

Community Stakeholder Engagement

2008 Public Access Survey

Harpwells’ Working Waterfronts

How to Conduct a Community Visioning Process

Introduction to Stakeholder Participation

Moosabec: The Downeast Fishing Community of Beals and Jonesport

York River Use Conflict Report


2008 – Draft Discussion Document of the principles for establishing a public tidal wetland bank

Land Conservation, Transfer, Acquisition 

Protocol: Landings and Road Ending Acquisitions

Mapping, Inventory, Study

Access to the Waterfront: Issues and Solutions Across the Nation

The Southwest Alabama Working Waterfront Inventory Project

Waterfront Access Study Committee Final Report, April 13, 2007


A toolbox for sustaining working waterfronts; Assessing applications in Newport, Oregon

Revisiting the Foss Waterway Master Redevelopment Strategy 2011 Update

Waterfront Revitalization for Small Cities



Accessing the Maine Coast website




Community Examples

Recommended Resources



Data Resources

Employment Statistics

Commercial Fishing

Marine Transportation

Offshore Minerals

Ship and Boat Building and Repairing

Tourism and Recreation

US Fish and Wildlife Service, State Sport Fishing Licensing Sales Data-BROKEN

Economic Data Example

Economic Resources



Case Studies





Executive Summary

Full Report

History, Status, Trends of Working Waterfronts

Economic Analysis of Working Waterfronts in the United States

Financing Tools

Working Waterfronts and the CZMA

Engaging the Legal Community in Working Waterfronts

State Funding for Ports: Selected State Summaries and Links to Resources

The Tiff of TIF

Best Practices for Working Waterfront Preservation



State Reports